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By the love and light of GOD...
June 17, 1997, Skyler James Wenger entered this world. The first year was spent being a beach bum in North Carolina, a fact that he loved. His first birthday was spent in Pennsylvania with his family and his adventure continued. He and his mom bought a townhouse in Etters where they enjoyed life till he was 8. At the age of 4 he started playing baseball for New Cumberland. Springs were spent at the fields in Borough Park or as he called it "goose poop park". At the same time he started spending his falls playing soccer for the West Shore. The summer he was 8 he hung up his soccer cleats and picked up football spikes. The first summer taught him discipline that nothing else could. It was the hardest work up to that point in his life but we felt it was important that he kept with it until he saw the reward for all his work. We will never forget the first week of practice, after wearing helmet, he would wake up in the morning and every time he moved his neck, "OUCH OUCH OUCH". Once he played a game with his large cheering crowd in the bleachers he was hooked. He found where he belonged. Year after year his leadership grew. The confidence he learned on the football field, he took to the baseball field and excelled there, too. By the end of his athletic "career" he was an all star left handed pitcher and all star football player who helped his team go to the superbowl 3 times.

Skyler decided to start studying percussion when he was in 4th grade. He loved it from the beginning. He learned to read notes while playing bells but learning the rhythm was his favorite! He and his mom are crazy about music! He grew up listening to all kinds and he had been attending concerts since he could walk. Music became a passion of his. He would watch hours and hours of youtube videos, and not just the mainstream music. It wasn't uncommon for his mom to receive "Check this out" videos of college marching units and drum lines. Music was meant to be played loudly, with the bass turned up. All music was welcome. 

When Skyler started middle school he was able to start participating in his church's youth group. He thrived there. He loved learning God's lessons and the social interaction with other 'tweens outside of school and sports. He found a role model there who inspired him to be an upstanding young man. Skyler enjoyed sharing his youth group with others and welcomed the new members unconditionally, offering them friendship. Always offering his phone number if they needed a friend. 

Skyler was learning about voluteering with his mom. It started when he was little, picking out small toys for tots to becoming a secret santa for less fortunate children. He particularly enjoyed volunteering for Habitat for Humanity at Christmas especially if Penn State was involved.

Skyler and Melissa went to their first Penn State football game October 8, 2011. That night he told hi smom that she needed to take him back to another game before he played there. He currently was on a break from football because he tore his ACL October 30, 2010 and had it repaired November 2010. He didn't have enough time healed to start his freshman year with Cedar Cliff. That drove him nuts. Skyler wanted to talk to the coach to see if he would just let train and practice with the team. His mom kept telling him, next year. Who would've guessed that the next year would never come for Skyler? 

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